Star Wars
According To Jack

Episode II
Attack of the Clones

Published from January 3, 2010 through August 8, 2010.
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Scene 1: The Galactic Hundred
Scene 2: The Changeling
Scene 3: On The Throne Again
Scene 4: Heroes Reunited
Scene 5: The Separatist Manifesto
Scene 6: Whatever Happened to Viceroy Gunray
Scene 7: Nightmare from the Past
Scene 8: The Other Skywalkers
Scene 9: A Message from Kamino
Scene 10: The Bounty Hunter
Scene 11: Change of Plan
Scene 12: Leaving Toydaria
Scene 13: The Silent Master
Scene 14: Yoda and the Younglings
Scene 15: Dexter's Diner
Scene 16: The Jedi Archives
Scene 17: Lesson Learned
Scene 18: The Picnic
Scene 19: The Forgotten Planet
Scene 20: The Crystal Cave
Scene 21: Interview with a Trooper
Scene 22: Jar-Jar's Big Day
Scene 23: Count Dooku
Scene 24: The Rebel Alliance
Scene 25: The Assembly Line
Scene 26: Lucasite Chains
Scene 27: Immovable Objects
Scene 28: The Council Intervenes
Scene 29: The Battle of Geonosis
Scene 30: Darth Tyranus
Scene 31: Gentle Excommunication
Scene 32: The Fall of Naboo